New rules for the transport waste

In the ordinary supplement to the Official Gazette of Wednesday, January 13, 2010, was published the Decree of the Minister of Environment of 17 December 2009 setting up the control system of traceability of waste (SISTRI), which will be managed directly by the Carabinieri for the Protection environment, in order to prevent and reduce the phenomenon of environmental crimes related to the illegal disposal of waste.

The decree comes into force today (Thursday, January 14, 2010) is will trigger the operation of the system SISTRI after 6 months, ie from 14 July 2010 to companies that engage in the collection and transportation of hazardous waste, as well as for companies and the entities performing the collection and disposal of waste.

These companies are required to register in the system SISTRI within 45 days from today (ie by the end of February) to be able to continue to operate regularly, paying the expected contribution to the registered office and for each vehicle used to transport the waste.

Subsequent to initial recognition, will then have to acquire the electronic devices provided by the system, such as a USB stick and a black box control (black box) to be installed on board each vehicle in order to track the route taken by the latter.